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Reclaim those customers who've shifted their travel shopping to the Internet. We're placing qualified specialist travel agents in front of online travel shoppers, and showing them that using an agent, who knows what they're talking about, is still their best option.

We know that you still provide an exceptional value to the consumer, and should not be overlooked or brushed aside, and we're making sure that the online travel customers remember it too. Travel agents that qualify, and are accepted into Travants, gain access to thousands of new customers who are interested in planning their full vacations with our travel savants (AKA - Bigger commission bookings).

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Why become a Travel SavantPre-qualified leads
  • Grow your business - Gain access to thousands of new customers interested in planning with you.
  • Target your marketing expense - Choose which customers you want, and only work with the customers that you can convert, and actually make you money.
  • Extend your reach - Market yourself way beyond your local area, and reach the whole country through the Internet.
  • Prospective customers will read your profile, and you will only be contacted by customers interested in your area of expertise, and you!
  • Every customer will have inputted his/her travel info, and requested to hear from you.
  • Customers visiting Travants, and contacting you are looking for service, and HELP, not just quotes and rates.
  • The customer's name, email, telephone number, travel destination, and other necessary information provided, will be delivered directly to you.
The Travants Agent Connect interface delivers only the leads that you want.
  • You will have the opportunity to review all info on every customer before deciding to work with that customer, and respond.
    You can either:
    • Accept, receive full contact info and work with the customer.
    • Decline, transfer the lead to other specialists.
  • Never pay for a customer request that you don't want - Budget too low? Not something you know about? Not something you sell? Just click Decline.
  • Gain access to customers who didn't contact you. When other agents with the same specialty decline their leads, or fail to login in time, their leads will become available to you.
There is a one-time $50No sign-up fee, and you pay only $5 for leads that you accept (that's the cost of lunch!). After reviewing a customer, if you wish to work with that customer, click accept and you will be sent all contact info on that customer, and be charged only $5. You will never be charged anything for leads that you don't accept.

Get started today and fund your account with as little as $25. 100% of your initial deposit is used for future leads.

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